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バンコクに誕生した「都市の森」/Urban Forest in Bangkok


These days, there are a lot of approaches in town development under the theme of symbiosis with nature around the world.



Here is the photograph of Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park as known as CU Centenary Park these days, taken from "I'm Park".

The CU Centenary Park was created to provide a green space in the center of shopping and commerce in the urban city and celebrate Chulalongkorn university’s 100th anniversary.

It is counted as a multi-functional “urban forest” for the residents and visitors of Bangkok to spend quality leisure time in the pleasant environment.


Observing closely will make us meet flora and fauna. I hope a place like this will make more people familiar with nature, get more people interested in environmental problem, and lead to make people think that nature is necessary for their lives.

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